BUMP Network offers powerful, easy-to-use software for managing any organization's membership from sign up to redemption. BUMP Network integrates seamlessly into any existing website, offering a platform that allows a business or organization to generate and enhance revenue from its members through additional benefits offerings and data management.


BUMP.com is an integrated membership program, including a web and mobile messaging platform, BUMP.com will be rolling out new services in 2013, including roadside assistance and a broad range of benefits, privileges and discounts for BUMP.com members. Learn more and "claim your tag" at BUMP.com.

The La Jolla Foundation, Inc., & Project Active
lajollafoundation.com  projectactive.org

The La Jolla Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to hurling snowballs of positive change down mountains of challenge, while providing momentum as support for growth along the way. The La Jolla Foundation is defined by its core values: participation, peace, and knowledge. Every La Jolla Foundation project is rooted in these core values and involves four methods: mentoring, encouragement, equipment and education. With this framework, the foundation will embark on the following projects:

  • Project Active - Diffusing World Tensions Through Sport
  • Project Connected Compass - Connecting Underprivileged Youth
  • Project Spark - Enabling The Next Generation of Einsteins

Project Active is a global mission with a commitment to diffuse world tensions through sport related education, equipment, mentoring and encouragement. Project Active is dedicated to planting the peace-inspiring seed of athletics in the hearts of many--allowing the Human Spirit's incredible resilience to bring joy to areas of the world where it is needed most.

TEDx LaJolla

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. Our event is call TEDxLa Jolla, where x=independently organized TED event. At our TEDxLaJolla event, TEDTalks videos and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

Competitor Group

Competitor Group is the leading media and event entertainment company serving the endurance sports industry including events such as marathons, running, cycling, mountain biking, rock 'n' roll marathons, and triathlons. The Company owns and operates 33 nationally-branded endurance events with over 500,000 participants. Competitor publishes four magazine titles: VeloNews, Triathlete, Inside Triathlon and its namesake publication, Competitor, delivering a combined monthly circulation of almost 1 million readers. Its website platform, Competitor.com, produces and distributes content in radio, television and wireless platforms, and distribution channels and is one of the dominant Internet sites for its sector.

The Active Network, Inc

The Active Network, Inc., based in San Diego, California, provides application services technology and marketing access to community service organizations, and is the leading online community for active-lifestyle consumers. Application services help organizations increase efficiency while reducing costs and complexities associated with the management of fund-raising events. The Active Network serves local government, park and recreation, golf courses and golf facilities, non-profits, sports organizations and associations, educational and health care organizations, and consumer products corporations in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

La Jolla Holding Co.

Strategic and Financial Investments in High Quality Companies.


Barnana is grown in soil alive with nutrients and free of chemicals the way nature intended. Enjoy the taste of raw, organic bananas with no additives, no preservatives, and sweetened by nature.


We built MOGL because someone beat us to the punch on the microwave, hula hoop, and cotton gin.In all honesty, we wanted to ensure that you/we never had to reach for a coupon or punch card ever again. As consumers ourselves, we wanted a seamless way to earn cash-back without the hassle. After some research, we found that restaurants were looking for a way to reward their customers and create more loyalty. It seemed like we all wanted the same thing, so we developed MOGL.We mixed in a bulldog, games and that warm feeling you get when you donate to someone in need. Voila, MOGL was born.

TV Private Equity Group
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TV Private Equity Group is headquartered in La Jolla, California, and invests in companies across a broad spectrum of industries; focusing on business models that can demonstrate reliable, renewable, high-margin, low-maintenance revenue streams.

Quantum Interactive

Quantum Interactive is a private high-end, professional interactive marketing and design firm located in La Jolla, California. With clients around the world, Quantum Interactive specializes in award winning website design, programming, e-commerce, online marketing, video and film, multimedia and print graphics. Quantum Interactive has skilled team of creative designers, writers, producers, editors and programmers and marketing professionals.

Triathlete Magazine

For over 20 years, Triathlete Magazine has been the worldwide voice of triathlon. Since the beginning, our mission has been to inspire, educate, and motivate triathletes of all levels--not only to achieve their athletic goals, but also to obtain a healthier, richer lifestyle.

People Who Start Stuff

The author of "The Attention Deficit Workplace: Winning Strategies for Success in Today's Fast-Paced Business Environment"(Lyons Press, 2005) is writing a new book titled "People Who Start Stuff," which is a collection of the secrets and tips from people who changed the world.  Ranging from business to athletics to science to personal endeavors and more, "People Who Start Stuff" will leave you feeling inspired and craving more. Coming soon.

La Jolla Palace

La Jolla (pronunciation IPA: i.e. "lah-HOY-yah") is a seaside resort community of up to 42,808 residents within the city of San Diego, California. The La Jolla Palace is located on Prospect Street, just steps from La Jolla Cove and in the center of La Jolla Village.

The building features three luxury, ocean view, 2 bedroom 2 & ˝ bath apartments and a 1 bedroom panoramic ocean view penthouse apartment. It also features an luxurious ocean view office space, with a large balcony and a large high-traffic ground floor retail unit and four boutique style ground floor retail units.

Mission Skincare

MISSION Skincare offers high-performance products—engineered by athletes, for athletes. Some of the world’s most accomplished athletes, including Serena Williams, Steve Nash, Mia Hamm, Ryan Sheckler, and Carmelo Anthony among others, have joined forces with industry leading skincare experts to create MISSION Skincare.

MISSION Skincare ensures that consumers can enjoy an active lifestyle while protecting and enhancing their skin. On top of offering products for the professional athlete and the everyday enthusiast, MISSION Skincare proudly supports the charities of its' athletic partners.

Mojo Pages, a TV Private Equity Group Investment

San Diego-based MojoPages offers a wealth of word-of-mouth features not found on rival sites like Yelp.com. Users rate the value, service, promptness, and quality of each listed business. And then there are the YouTube-like video postings, which "provide insight into local businesses like never before," says MojoPages founder Jon Carder, whose own revealing weekly videos on the life of a startup made the site a hit even before launch.


Triathlete Magazine's Mitch Thrower documents his travels and triathlons. See exclusive photos first at IRONMITCH.com, learn inside tips and hear advice and exclusive interviews with triathletes from all over the world.

ATDynamics, a TV Private Equity Group Investment

Advanced Transit Dynamics, Inc. (ATDynamics - formerly Advanced Transit Enterprises, Inc.) provides next generation fuel-saving technology demanded by competitive trucking fleets. ATDynamics’ flagship product is the patented rear-drag reducing aerodynamics technology for tractor-trailers: the ATDynamicsTrailerTail™.